Bong Beauty


By Amin Ahmad

Dear … ,

The day I met you —
I didn’t know you would
become a center
In the circle of my life.

We cheered, we laughed, we pushed, we pulled – through the thick and thin of life –
we fought, we rode on the roller coaster of emotions.

Your chubby face,
your frowning expression,
your bewitching zest,
your teary eyes can’t be erased —
Amalgamated with the days we spent.

The demure I saw in the library
The first angelic aura got
Imprinted in my mind.
For such beady eyes, tears
cannot be adorned even
For a While.

The moments we spent in XISS till your placement (that you accomplished ) and till our festival Celebration Life lightened for us,
From our futile fights and petty quarrels, I lost you somewhere amidst the discourse of my life.

Oh my Bong Beauty !  though I don’t want you to go, but our time has come to the grinding halt,
where your happiness is the upmost treasure for which I am ready to sacrifice the sinisterness in me.

Stay blessed and cheerful as affable as you are, you have some great people in store to come by.

You’ll be my forever Bong Beauty, I will miss your naughtiness and mischievous smile.
Time has come to part our ways, but the moments spent will be alive fresh in my memory until the sun will lose to shine.

Haughtily (though) caring person

Amin Ahmad believes in the consciousness of right and wrong. His mantra for Life is “Sink in with optimism and life will be sassy”.

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