By Shah Bisma Manzoor

As the dusk made way to rule the world,
I occupied a seat in the dismal corner
Of my room, witnessing the pain in my eyes.
There, star in the sky kept staring
tirelessly and curiously, it twinkled with a frown.
I slowly moved away from its fierce gaze,
But that angry star followed my steps to catch me.
How can I shove it away? I understood nothing.
In a jiffy, it called the galaxy to fill the sky
And the twinkle defeated the dusk.
My tears — quite visible— my scars shone.
A star lowered itself and whispered something.
Hurriedly, it regained its place in the sky.
I kept gazing at the star, a hope flickered.
The galaxy cheered me up and smiled at me.
The anger was gone; and frown was no more there.
I understood the language of the star.
An unsaid whisper, I beautifully heard.
And I arose — not a dumb and frightened one,
But a girl full of valour and determination.
And I heard the unsaid whisper of the star.

Shah Bisma Manzoor, from Jammu and Kashmir, India, a master in English Literature, works as a Vice Principal of a higher secondary.

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